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Driving Directions to Cactus Hill Motel From Bryce Canyon

1. Start out going North on Ut-63 toward Ut-12 2.80 miles
2. Turn RIGHT onto Ut-12, 104.98 miles
3. Just past mile marker 118 turn left (west) at the Teasdale sign (2160 South).
4. Go 5.2 miles on the Teasdale Road and Cactus Hill Motel will be on your left.
5. You will turn down Birch Creek Road, 725 South 875 East , and see the motel.

Total Estimated Time: 2 hours, 39 minutes
Total Distance: 109.96 miles

For Reservations
+1-435-425-3578 Internationally

Or Email Linda Coombs linda@CactusHillMotel.com


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