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Driving Directions to Cactus Hill Motel From SLC International Airport

1:  Start out going Northwest on TERMINAL toward LONG TERM PARKING A. 1.12 miles
2:  Stay straight to go onto AIRPORT EXIT. 0.65 miles
3:  Merge onto I-80 E toward OGDEN/ PROVO. 4.25 miles
4:  Merge onto I-15 S via the exit- on the left- toward CHEYENNE/ LAS VEGAS. 118.94 miles
5:  Take the US-50 E exit- exit number 188- toward SCIPIO. 0.66 miles
6:  Turn LEFT onto US-50. 0.66 miles
7:  Turn RIGHT onto US-50/ N STATE ST. Continue to follow US-50. 28.09 miles
8:  Turn RIGHT onto I-70 SPUR/ US-50/ US-89. Continue to follow I-70 SPUR/ US-50. 1.68 miles
9:  Merge onto I-70 W/ UT-70 W/ US-89 S toward RICHFIELD. 7.53 miles
10:  Take the exit- exit number 48- toward UT-24/ SIGURD/ AURORA. 0.29 miles
11:  Turn LEFT onto UT-259/ S OLD HIGHWAY 89. Continue to follow UT-259. 0.30 miles
12. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US 89 and turn at Sigurd which i s the beginni ng of HW-24. Continue to follow Ut-24 for about 57 miles to the Teasdale turn-off.
13. Turn RIGHT (SOUTH) at the Teasdale sign onto the Teasdale Road. Travel 3.0 miles fol lowing Main Street through town as it takes a natural turn to the LEFT (EAST) and Cactus Hill Motel will be on the right on Birch Creek Road.

94 miles
Total Estimated Time: 4 hours, 25 minutes
Total Distance: 227.97 miles

For Reservations
+1-435-425-3578 Internationally

Or Email Linda Coombs linda@CactusHillMotel.com

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